About NBCA

The journey of the National Black Contractors Association is to build a unified national black contractor association that speaks as a voice of one on national concerns, where inequities and the perception of discrimination is apparent in public and private contracting for African American contractors. Publicly funded projects are mandated to promote equal opportunity for qualified, ready professional building contractors who meet local city, county, state and national standards under the jurisdiction of the state that receives funding threw federal and state taxation. The national black contractors association is positioned to provide national collative leadership to lobby government and state political leaders to uphold and make changes where necessary to improve the quality of life for all citizens of America. Private corporate America have a moral obligation to promote and support equity in hiring, training, and contracting when depending on public support or doing business with the public in anyway, shape, fashion or form, as a good corporate citizen.
The national black contractors association through its national affiliate chapters will prepare its members through free online educational training, workshops, mentoring and professional business networking mixers and "Chat 'n' Chew"... luncheons, where money talks! The tool of introducing professionals to professionals has long been a tool of successful relationship building and trusts where individuals are concern. It helps you to understand the culture of the company or corporation you are seeking to do business with, through knowing and understanding the person or persons in charge.
The national black contractors association as an online one-stop-shop approach will put everybody in the same room, at the same time, on the same page. This will support the American culture of building, as we compete in the global world community for standard of excellences. This national black contractor's association partnership with its members, public agencies, private corporations and political friends is a new paradigm in the 21st century. We welcome you to join us as national affiliate chapter members, public agency supporters, private corporations and national labor union and open shop organizations.

Black Contractors


We are committed to assisting Black Contractor Associations grow in the following areas:

  • Establish themselves as a one stop all-in-one professional association
  • Bring about economic development that leads to business growth
  • Support and promote the advancement of "up and coming" Black contractors



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